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Columbia River Salmon fishing with the Salmon Master,
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"the Salmon Master"

When You ONLY fish for Salmon and you spend all your time fishing ONLY for Salmon, you eventually become a very good Salmon fishing guide. Some say THE Salmon Master is the best. He's been fishing year 'round for Salmon now for several years and would like to show you what he's learned.

The Salmonmaster has been chasing Chinook Salmon since a young boy and with a lifetime of experience the Salmonmaster has seen it or done it all. He has been fishing the world from Alaska to the South Coast and if you are a Chinook Salmon you better watch out.

Your fishing day will be filled with fun fish and laughs to make the experience one of enjoyment that you will talk about for years to come.
While you are in his custom built boat you will experience extreme comfort and safety while on your fishing trip of a life time.

With the Salmon Master's exquisite boat handling ability, his master techniques, the best bait cures in the Northwest and intimate knowledge of rivers and bays you could not ask more from a fishing guide.

Catching Fall Chinook from mid September through October and into November fishing plug cut herring at the mouth of Tillamook Bay can be absolutely spectacular. Chrome bright freight trains inhale you baits and will give you the fight of a lifetime. These fish average close to 30 pounds, and it's not uncommon for our boat to catch much larger Fall Chinook Salmon. The boat is easy to spot at Tillamook Bay. It's the one that comes in with limits on a daily basis.